Episocde 91: The New Warriors: Overview #2



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With special guest star Delvin "The Dark Web" Williams (@dee_ray1977) from the The Longbox Crusade and covering:

  • The New Warriors #51 - 60

No matter what you may have heard, the co-hosts did not get into a punching match on this show. There was no need to. We both know who Delvin likes more between us, so we will not dwell on that. What we will talk about is how much fun it is to have guests that know the New Warriors and have some serious love and knowledge of the property.

And while there is a lot of clowning around, we should be clear that we did do some serious introspection on these books. This is really the start of the new writer Evan Skolnick's run on the books, and it is our chance to see what his team looks like. And what do they look like?

They look a lot like Turbo, or they should. I mean, Turbo rocks, right! She is also drawn really tight........I should probably stop talking about Turbo. Right? Okay.

We should talk about the other Warriors, cause there is a lot of them. Well, there are a lot of them at the beginning, but then the group gets a little smaller and a lot more stable...sort of...for the moment.

It is a work in progress people. They are working on an image and it takes some serious work. It also takes some costume changes.

We should all keep our eye on the prize, even when the prize might be found in someone's spandex. I really have lost the thread about what I am talking about, but I will reiterate, that we all know who won the fight......but we will not say.....

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