Episode 86: New Mutants#49 and X-Force Annual #1

I know this is a little unusual, but it is going to really get weird soon. We are past the border and heading into the wild west, but first we have to go back and forth in time to cover some stories with a touch of the pack in them.

So we have an older Katie sporting all of the Power powers in a New Mutants issue that takes place in the future.

And we have a young lady who is a descendant of some member of the team also sporting all the powers and also in the future. It feels like some wires are crossed here.

So what should we talk about first. Well, we should talk about the definite change in storytelling. I mean, really, this is technically the same book/team. New Mutants became X-Force...so this should be a straight comparison, right?

Not really. We have moved from the 80's to the hard 90's. We have moved from matching costumes to belts and pouches. How many pouches? All of the pouches. All of the time...and guns. Do not forget the guns.

New writers, new characters, new art. Also, a new future. I mean, DaCosta is the bad guy in one and just a team member in another. These are the choices made and the dimensions we explore.

As you can tell, I am really skating around, looking for an interesting topic to fill this space with. We promise our listeners a chance to see the images we are talking about, so we should show them. I sometimes just struggle to keep a narrative going.

I need an idea to come in like a cannonball. Really surprise me or inspire me. I know you all count on me to be funny and stuff....but the future can get depressing. Especially when we are talking authoritarian rule. We need something wacky or silly to make us happy.

Yeah....a duck skateboard raspberry should just about do the trick. I think that is a good place to wrap this up. Hopefully you all will enjoy the trip to the future. Remember, all experiences are personal and may have nothing to do with the real world when you return.


To view the art from this issue, check out our website: https://jeffandrickpresent.wordpress.com/2021/07/18/new-mutants-49-ashes-of-the-soul-and-x-force-annual-1-the-mirror-liars/

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Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod
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