Episode 81: Excalibur #29

And just when you thought life could not get any darker, you discovered this comic book. We are not done with this Power Pack yet, no way, no how. We have to tie up some loose ends with some stories that make you say…."Who OK'ed this?" And first up, is Excalibur #29

Life in a lighthouse is better than no life at all. I expect. You'd have a chance at least. You could sit in there thinking, well, at least I’m not in an apartment. In a minute, somebody’s going to fly a spaceship over head and tell me to come out. (knocks) "Hey you! What's your team name? Come out of there!"

I know that one man who wishes he never woke up and dealt with this nonsense, and that is Nightcrawler. He is a simple man, with simple needs. He just wants to live a life of swashbuckling adventure, and not be judged for being a mutant. But instead, he has to deal with shenanigans.

Seriously, look at this insanity, we have the worst asparagus cosplay I have ever seen, riding a horseafied Rachel Summers like a pony. This is just ridiculous in an issue where Alex Power is still a pony. Just saddle up old cloud boy and giddyup.

Then we can talk about the rave that Excalibur goes to. Worst. Dub-step. Ever. I mean, they were not even trying to be creative with the beats. It is called rhythm and bass. If you are just going to keep a one note pedal beat over Ring My Bell, you are gonna lose the audience.

And this only leads to someone losing their head.

At least Alex and Nightcrawler got some moments to chill and reconnect after not seeing or talking to each other since the one time Power Pack was kidnapped and their minds were altered. Good times....yup.....awesome.....so.....you know any good gyms?



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Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod
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Dragon and Toast by Kevin MacLeod
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