Episode 76.5: New Mutants #83(Acts of Vengeance)

Wait!!!! What is happening here! This is a Power Pack podcast, what is this New Mutants comic doing here? This is not Halloween.....What is Mephisto up to????


Oh....ok....that explains it. Jeff and Rick have been invited to play with a mess of other pod-casters who are all covering different issues of the Acts of Vengeance crossover from the 1990's. Luckily they invaded Derek Crabbe from the Fanholes website to help them out.

Ok., the Acts of Vengeance thingy was this big event where heroes fought villains who were outside of their own rogues gallery. In this case, they used two characters who were tan gently associated with the New Mutants to fight the Vulture.

That is right, Rusty and Skids, those two crazy kids from the early days of X-Factor are in prison and trying to stop a bad guy. Good on you two! Way to not let the man keep you down.

But what about the real New Mutants you might task, where are they during this chaos? Are they sitting around trying on new costumes in preparation for the Leifeld run? Are they shrinking their feet? Nah.....well yeah....but they are really just on Asgard.

Back on earth, we are left with the worst episode of Judge Judy. A plan that is so bad......we have a few how bad are they jokes. And we have a guy that explodes.

So what does this mean to our listeners.....well probably just a lot of laughs. I mean, it is always enjoyable to watch people fall off a high-wire.

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