Episode 63: Jon Bogdonove Interview

A fan can be described as a collector of objects or things. By that token, you could call Jeff and Rick fans of Power Pack. And what better things can we collect but interviews with the creators that have made the series what it is. In the past this has included the two original creators, Louise Simonson and June Brigman, as well as some of the more recent caretakers of the series, Mark Sumerak and Jeremy Whitley. To be true collectors, we really needed to get one more.

It was such an honor to sit down with someone who we admire and respect to talk about comics.  It was also an amazing experience to instantly lose control of our interview by having the guest interview us about our families. What began as an interview with a solid list of questions, quickly turned into a chat between three guys about anything and everything.

Who is Jon Bogdonove? He is a husband and father who will talk to you about how amazing his son is, and how much he loves his wife. He is a fan boy that lucked out and fell into doing works that he loves. He is a friend and student to some of the greatest comic legends the world has seen. He is a great story teller.

Jon also is someone who has nothing but respect and love for Weezie and Walt Simonson. And if you want to find out why, you should probably listen to our episode.

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Episode 63

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