Episode 58: Power Pack #45

Big news folks. Not only do we have Carrie back on to help us with this episode, but we have another super special guest as well. The author joined our crazy trio of talkers to answer some questions. Welcome to our show, Julianna Jones!

The daughter of Weezie Simonson and the writer of a few Power Pack comics, Julianna provided us with some great behind the scenes information about how she came up with her stories, and how she ended up writing Power Pack comics.

I promise you, we behaved while we were speaking to her and we did not hit any shuttlecocks at her head.

This is the point where I talk about the pictures we have chosen and included, and somehow tie them into a non sequitur conversation. So here we go. First, after our guest joined us, Jeff dumped a plate of food on his head.

As Carrie and I started to yell at Jeff, that silly boy ran off...making a mess as he went.

Then Jeff took off his pants.

After that, things got really crazy. Somehow, Jeff inverted gravity. We are really not sure how he did this. It was everything that Carrie and I could do to make sure Julianna did not leave. We even had to promise to clean her house. Of course, that was after Jeff started to walk on her walls...ARGHH!  At least Jeff did not throw anything at Julianna....that would have been the final straw.

Ok, maybe we were a little bad during the recording, but I think Julianna had some fun.


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Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod
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Semi-Funk by Kevin MacLeod
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