Episode 57: Power Pack #44

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We are in the dark depths of Inferno! Demons have taken over New York City, the kids are fighting to save the city, and the Power parents now know that the kids have powers! Egad!!!

So let's take a look at this demon run New York. Is it really that bad. I mean, sure, there is an increase of out-of-towners, and they are pretty rude. Still, screaming at the kids is just not the right way to go. Even worse than that is when your towns public transportation works against you. That is when you know things have gone really bad. I mean I can understand vacuum cleaners and mailboxes...but evil buses is too much.

Ok...Demon cars are also bad too. But this cannot be what this book is about, can it. I mean, the parents just found out about the kids powers, right? There has to be some fallout from that, right. What about the parents, how are they dealing with all of this?

I guess we can assume things are going badly since the parents are kinda...creepy.  Let's just move back to the kids fighting demonic things. What have we got there?

Farting demonic Grandma....ok. I give up. What about the New Mutants, they are in here right.

Ok...wait what? You know....I should just listen to the show. And yes, I had to add a flatulence joke....cause I am a child.

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Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod
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Spider's Web by Kevin MacLeod
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Chucky the Construction Worker by Kevin MacLeod
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