Episode 56: Power Pack #43

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 56.

We have a special guest star this week! You all have asked for her, well here she is!!!! MY DAUGHTER CARRIE!!!

This is a big deal for us, and for her.  I mean, when I first asked her if she could do this, her response was pretty impressive. It was like a cartwheel with an explosive word balloon....or she just said sure.

We have had her on one of our Patreon episodes, and when we recorded live in front of our friends, but this was an opportunity for her to really participate. And she did great! But I guess we should talk about the issue she covered.

Yup, in the midst of the Inferno Crossover event with all Limbo breaking loose. I may be a bad parent. Still, this is a great issue, following on the heels of our new top, number one Power Pack pick. We have danger, despair, and.....repair?

I really needed a good D word there, but I was struggling for a moment...Diagnostics! That's a D word that would have worked! Speaking of D words, we have displays of new powers in this book. Julie finally gets that power upgrade that she has been begging her DM for. Hey, cool...another D word.

Maybe we can think of other D words, like Displaying Dangers of Drops, like the kids did to their parents near the end of the book.

Hmm...that is pretty dangerous. Hmmmm, but how about the duo of doofuses demonstrating deaf displays.

Hmmm...I may be off the track here with my D words. And I may just be stretching for time and space. I think it is time for me to go to bed. Hope you all enjoy the show.


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Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod
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Tempting Secrets by Kevin MacLeod
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