Episode 39: The TV Pilot (LIVE)


Live.....LIVE?....ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!

Yup, we did a live show! It was in front of a small audience of friends at Champoeg State Park, in the middle of a 4 day, semi-annual camping trip we go on. The theme was Sci-Fi/Aliens. We felt that this fit.

It was really wonderful to do this in front of a group of friends. And it was very special to have my daughter join us "on stage"...even though she thought it would be very scary. She did great.

But what could we possibly be talking about? Well, how about the unaired 1991 TV pilot, Power Pack!  Yeah....yeah....that is exactly what we did too. Oh boy!

Hey, at least we got to discuss it with our friends and family...and a fan. Jeff Polier came down with his daughter to check out the show.  How awesome was that? 

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