Episode 37: Power Pack #29

With Special Guest-Star, Tim Price!!

We have the fantastic honor to host one of our favorite, and first fans, Tiiiiiiiiim Price! (insert Price is Right sound effects here).  Tim, a serial podcast listener, fried chicken eater, and commentator, has been a long time Power Pack fan and a great supporter of our show. He flew in and asked us really nicely if he could cover this episode with us....that should have been a sign.

What to say about this issue...well, first of all, most of what you need to know is on this cover. We have Spidey, Hobgoblin, Alex and Johnny Rival fighting, a gun, and a whole lotta chicken talk. This also kicks off the Alex/Crack story arc, so hang onto your pigeons, 'cause things are about to get serious.

Look, I don't want to ruffle any feathers, but I told you to keep hold of your birds. I am not responsible for all of the aviary accidents around here. Just keep your fowl comments to yourselves. And don't you dare preen in front of me, Mr. Rooster, I will not stand for that. Awww.....have I gone and hurt your little soft and feathery feelings?  Does someone need a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a hug? Well pluck up and fly right because these chickens have come home to roost and this poultry won't tell it's own story. The fox is in the hen house, we have counted our eggs before they have hatched and a bird in the stone is worth two bushes........I may have just cracked.

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