Episode 31: Power Pack #24

I would like to apologize for the low energy in this episode. Rick was not feeling well, so we can just blame it on him.

And it is a shame too, because this is a pretty good issue. Sure, it starts off in a dark cave with Katie drowning in a pool of water, and the other Power kids are still captured, and Franklin runs away from home, and Kofi is shot at……

Hang on…..this sounds horrible!  Why would anyone do this to a bunch of kids! I thought this was supposed to be a happy, silly, kids book!?!?  What is going on with all of this capturing, torturing, maiming, and war!

Don’t worry folks, low energy Rick or not, this duo of daddies will dust themselves off and deliver you, our listeners, a delightful detailed description of these deeds. So sit back, relax, and listen to the gentle popping of lava bubbles.

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