Episode 30: Power Pack #23


Do you ever wake up and realize that life is just not going your way.... You were taking a nice nap, frozen in the ice, and then you get yanked back into the real world...

Yeah, I just got back from vacation, and I realized that I had not prepped this synopsis.  And that just makes me cranky. Kinda like this.

Ya see, when the Fantastic Four vacation, they do not mess around. They pack everything. And they have to, I mean, how else can they show their powers. 

Power Pack just packs Jack.

Ok, time to get serious. The kids have been kidnapped and are being forced to find the hidden and frozen Jakal, and then are flown across the universe.  I wonder how they feel about this, wonder if they will fight?

Oh yeah....they will fight.  Yes...They will fight. They will also escape, but find them selves on Snarkworld.  

But I am sure everything will turn out fine. Nothing bad will happen to anyone. 

Beyond this awesome story, I would also like to point your attention to one of our fans, Gibson, who created this amazing PAWody. He is an artist and writer and does some great work. Please check out his work.  https://lloydandthebear.com/

Don’t forget support us on Patreon, https://www.patreon.com/JeffandRickPresent.  We have started to release monthly episodes for our Energizer and greater tiers. We are covering the alternate versions mini-series that started in 2005.  And also be sure to visit us on our website to see some pictures from this comic.

We also have some merchandise over at Redbubble.  Right now it is just shirts and other knick-knacks featuring our logo.  Eventually we will come up with some more stuff.  https://www.redbubble.com/people/jeffrickpresent/?asc=u

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