Episode 16.666: Mephisto vs The Fantastic Four #1

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Wait….What is going on?

Mephisto has taken over our Power Pack podcast and is forcing us to review one of the issues of his strange “Mephisto vs” from the 1980’s! What madness! How can Jeff and Rick survive this Halloween terror?

Never fear true believer! Greg from Secret Wars and Beyond ( @garaujo1 ) has been sent to FWOOSH with the Power Pack Pals. Also, since this is a crossover event, Mephisto has left a breadcrumb trail of tortured souls for the listeners to follow. Be sure to check out these other podcasts to complete this insanity.

Unpacking the Power of Power: Mephisto vs The Fantastic Four Secret Wars and Beyond: Mephisto vs The X-Factor Resurrections- An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast: Mephisto vs The X-Men Married With Comics: Mephisto vs The Avengers

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